I walked out of my house in Lubbock this morning and was greeted with this beautiful, flowering tree. It bloomed literally overnight, and I thought, 'Aww, it's pretty!'

Then I realized, it's early for this bloom and allergy season is probably off and running early as well.

Turns out other parts of the country are issuing early allergy warnings and alerts. How are your allergies doing? Experts warn of allergies becoming worse this year. I know it's tough and I sure hope you are not overly affected by allergies. I love spring and just want to get outside and enjoy it.

According to Pollen.com, here in Lubbock the allergy warning is moderate to high. If you're like me and wonder if your allergies are an issue, you may like some of the natural remedies I'm taking a look at trying.

A Neti Pot can be a great way to clear your sinuses. My personal experience with it has been a mixed review; the process is not that easy to do. I find it a little challenging, but I have found it to work. My understanding is you need to be careful to use the Neti Pot correctly and only use distilled or sterilized water -- this is very important.

Another natural allergy remedy that could help is Apple Cider Vinegar. A teaspoon of that in a glass of water with some lemon juice could make a difference. Also, a little local raw honey everyday is said to build up your immune system.

Let me know if you have any allergy remedies to recommend or if you've captured any other Lubbock early spring blooms on camera.


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