Lubbock, you have the right to remain SEXY.

Some people look for love in the obvious places, like bars, the produce section, you name it. Others are a little more creative when seeking out a romantic partner, and may even like a hint of danger with their dating escapades.

During those moments when we really want to get our freak on and see what the wild side may be into, we, as always, get a penicillin shot and turn to Missed Connections on Lubbock's Craigslist.

In between the attempts to get some "plumbing" work done and the occasional shot in the dark at adultery (see the JJJ post), we find one entry that stands out among the others.

Woman at municipal court going back to car to get mask

Apparently, legal issues are an aphrodisiac.

Image: Google Streetview
Google Street View

Yeah, this place is a meat market. Dinner, drinks, depositions. Should we meet at a bar? Or behind bars?

From the article:

You were wearing wedges and pants. You got to the door and realized you had to have a mask so you went back to your car to get one. I was sitting in my pickup. What did I say to you ? After you came back out I was still sitting in my pickup and you smiled at me. You drive a red or maroon Lexus small suv. Your fingernails and toes matched (light green) anyway I think you are beautiful and would love to talk to you.

So, dude was just sitting in his truck outside the municipal courthouse, watching all the girls go by, when this dazzling beauty mesmerized him so much, that he felt compelled to post on Craigslist Missed Connections?

Just thinking out loud, what, pray tell, is the reason she'd need to be a court anyway? If she's an attorney, that's one thing, but either way, if he's in his truck just watching people walk in and out of court, then this just seems weird. Dude, why are you just creepin' at the courthouse?

Something tells me, that the introduction of handcuffs into the romantic arsenal wouldn't be a real big leap for this legally-challenged lothario.

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