It's been asked, "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" But I think the more important question today might be, "What would you do to save a local restaurant?"

That's what one Los Angeles stuntman asked himself before getting into a tub of beans.

I'm not sure if he's a stuntman because of the beans or if that's his profession, but I respect the hell out of Mr. Hunter Barker, who jumped into those beans and didn't leave for a full 24 hours.

"We have a golden opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and support local businesses in a big explosive way and so why not," Barker says in the video above.

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There have been a lot of Lubbock establishments shut down in the last few years that I would have swan dived into a tub of beans for.

I certainly would have chugged a gallon of salsa to raise awareness for Durango's. I would have bathed in El Chico's queso for an entire weekend if I could order The Juarez special just one more time. I would have raised and lowered the flags of Pancho's until my fingers bled if that gave me all I can eat taquitos again inside Lubbock City Limits. If only I had the forethought to attempt the world record of catching shrimp thrown by a hibachi chef in my mouth before Tokyo shut down it might have all been avoided.

If Alamo Drafthouse needs me to watch movies for an entire week straight without leaving the theater, I'm willing to attempt that for the good of the theater.

What would you do for a local restaurant or business that's on the brink of shutting down?

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