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Happy Halloween!

If you are planning to hand out candy or are taking your kids around to trick-or-treat, it is important to know what is the best time to do so.

Many parents prefer to take their kids out before the sun sets, but some prefer to trick-or-treat at night when it is extra spooky and the jack-o-lanterns truly glow. The only problem is that you might be too early or too late depending on when people prefer to hand out their candy.

If you live in a Lubbock neighborhood and they have a Facebook group you can join, that is a great place to stay up to date with people’s trick-or-treating plans, but what if your neighborhood doesn’t have a platform like that to communicate on? Well, that’s why I wanted to share the results or what I've commonly seen voted on as the best time to start handing out candy.

Based on a poll conducted on my neighborhood’s Facebook, along with answers given to me by various people around town, the most common time to start handing out candy is around 6:00.

I highly agree with this timing, because it is still light enough out for the younger kiddos that go out before dark, but it isn’t so early that you have trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell before you even get home from work.

The next important thing is how late people will be handing out candy. Based on the same sources previously mentioned, the most common time to stop handing out candy seems to be around 9:00. Again, that seems like a great time to stop since most people would like to be in bed by then, and that is well past many kids’ bed times (it’s even past my own bed time).

That leaves us with a trick-or-treating window of three hours from 6:00-9:00 when the majority of Lubbock will be handing out candy.

Hopefully, this helps you sort out your plan of action for tonight. Get out there, get some candy, and have a blast this Halloween.

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