Today is National Chamoy Day but also Tuesday but not any Tuesday, Taco Tuesday during Summer break which means one thing. All out party!


Chamoy is a delicacy from Mexico but if you dig deeper its roots actually originate from China when it came in a different form made from prunes. It's still made from prunes this day but also made with tamarind pods, green mangoes, and even apricots which could explain it's traditional use today.

What Does It Go On?

Chamoy is used in many hispanic households, restaurants, and sold in various stores but how is it used. Well the simple answer is on everything. Chamoy can be used straight from the bottle to go on fruit such as watermelon, cucumbers, melon etc. but can also be used to make a thicker chamoy. That thicker chamoy usually goes great on the rims of drinks and can usually be seen on beer bottles, cans, and cups to enhance the drinking experience. They also make chamoy coated candies if you would love to tries those instead, I suggest watermelon, mango, or even peach flavored candies.

Is It Good?

Many of you probably have never tasted chamoy so it's kind of hard to explain the flavors because all chamoys are different. My go to chamoy is I Love Chamoy just because it's sugar free, has great ingredients, and one of the best to use for the rims of drinks. Chamoy is tangy, sour, and has a bit of spice to it but it's not spicy to the point that someone can't handle it. When it comes to chamoy for drinks the key is having it thick enough to stay on but not to the point that you are dragging it forcefully.

Just Try It!

All in all go out and try some chamoy, I do suggest a small bottle if it's your first time. Try it on candies or fruit for your first time because straight chamoy to the taste buds will get you.

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