As we enter the hotter months of the year in Texas, our homes will typically use more energy to keep our squishy bodies all nice and comfortable.

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So, what is it exactly that causes our electricity bill to do the reverse limbo? BKV Energy, along with the Energy Information Administration, has identified the top four troublemakers:

4. Lights

Lighting in your Texas home consumes about 10% to 15% of your total electricity bill, while taking into account certain factors like how many bulbs, what KIND of bulbs, and how often they are left on.

3. Electronics and appliances

Laundry machines, refrigerators, television sets and gaming consoles, among others, account for about 20% of your total electricity use in your Texas home. Recommendations for limiting this portion of monthly expenses include air-drying your clothes, pre-rinsing your dishes and reducing your trips to the fridge (ouch, low blow there, BKV Energy).

2. Water heating

The second-highest consumer of your monthly energy happens to be heating your water for things like those cozy warm showers you love so much, washing dishes or when the water heater kicks on and scares you half to death when home alone.

1. Heating and cooling

I'm sure this surprises nobody out there that the largest item on your electricity bill, in Texas, is AC and your furnace. Up to 50% of your monthly bill is thanks to HVAC systems. As a bonus, clogged or overly-dirty air filters can consume up to 15% more energy than clean ones.

Now you know why dad was so militant on not touching the thermostat...

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