Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the editor of the Quorum Report joined fill-in-host Steve Evans and Dave King to talk about last night's Presidential Debate, some of Biden's positions, other forms of energy, getting people registered to vote, and more.

Braddock started the discussion by talking about the previous night's Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. He talked about several things that Biden had mentioned, including saying that he has no intention of banning fracking, as well as his plan to phase out the oil and gas industry.

Braddock talked about the conflict between mainstream democrats wanting to use natural gas as a bridge to get to the next form of energy, such as oil, solar, gas, and wind, and the far left democrats who believe that natural gas is just as bad as oil.

Braddock reminded us that natural gas is not as bad as oil, but either way, we can't just switch energy systems without risking people's jobs due to the oil and gas industry being key to the Texan economy. There are about 350,000 oil and gas jobs in Texas, and millions more created by a healthy oil and gas sector.

Despite all this, Braddock said that with 17 million people registered to vote in Texas, many of them will not even think about that kind of thing.

Another topic that was discussed was massive number of registered voters in Texas, despite it being harder to get people registered this year.

As previously stated, there are 17 million people registered to vote in Texas, but Braddock said that it can be hard to know how people will vote. Braddock threw out the statistic that so far in Collin County, 24.1 percent of the voters there have no previous voting record, so political professionals have no idea where these people lie politically. Furthermore, with 1,000 people moving to Texas everyday, you never know where people came from or how they will vote.

Braddock also discussed how political campaigns have been having trouble getting people registered this time around, due to the pandemic. Normally, people would go into public areas and turn turn them into a registration machine, but with so many closures and guidelines, direct voter contact has not been possible.

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