The family of Corbin Lee Jaeger has filed a $125 million lawsuit against the Weather Channel for a deadly crash near Spur that happened in 2017.

KAMC News reports that Kelly Williamson and Randall Yarnall, on-air personalities for The Weather Channel, ran stop signs, traffic lights, and violated traffic safety laws in an attempt to obtain video of a storm.

Williamson and Yarnall reportedly ran a stop sign while going 70 miles per hour and struck Jaeger's Jeep. Williamson, Yarnall and Jaeger (25 at the time) were all killed in the crash.

"The lawsuit also alleges that TWC was aware of their dangerous, reckless driving habits," a statement from the family's attorneys said. Williamson and Yarnall apparently had a history of reckless driving when storm chasing.

The lawsuit says The Weather Channel was aware of the bad driving habits and was "grossly negligent" in letting it go on.

The lawsuit alleges that The Weather Channel did not stop the bad driving and in fact benefited from it because it would "increase the sense of danger" for their TV show.

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