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On Monday, November 22nd, a Lubbock law firm held a press conference where they said they were filing a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family of a man killed in an explosion at the X-Fab facility.

KAMC News reports that back on November 12th, a flash explosion happened in the facility, located at 2301 North University Avenue. It's said that X-Fab added hydrogen peroxide to a tank associated with the DI water system that contained resin, creating an unsafe environment.

The man killed in the explosion, now identified as Emmanuel Rosales, was apparently instructed to open a valve on the DI water system, causing the explosion. It's said in the lawsuit that X-Fab's "gross negligence" was the cause of the explosion.

Rosales leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter and his parents.

Attorney Jason Medina said:

We have filed the suit because X-Fab has chosen not to carry workers compensation coverage, which means this is the avenue we have to get answers from the family to determine why something like this occurred. Because it shouldn’t occur, and it only happens when a company is negligent and makes mistakes.

We’re in the early stages. We haven’t had an opportunity to inspect the scene yet, but we will. We’ve been dealing with experts that can help us really understand why this occurred. What we know is this is a process that is done at the facility from time to time. But we understand that when this process of cleaning out the DI – or deionized – water system takes place, there have to be certain precautions that are there to follow.

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