TikToker @annainsoul has 1.9 million followers and is known for making videos in south Korean convenience stores. She blew up at the end of last year for those videos and continues to try to make similar videos despite being back in the U.S.A. and not in Korea.

In her convenience store videos, she would show different drinks and food you can get in Korea. It is especially interesting because the kind of food and drinks you find in Korean convenience stores is much nicer than what you will typically find in American convenience stores. You could tell people were especially interested in her videos because she would have up to 11 million views on one video.

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Once she left Korea and went back to the U.S., her videos changed, but she tried to keep a similar vibe of trying different drinks and food since she knew that’s what her viewers liked. After months of posting videos from her home, she recently made a video of her going to Texas and visiting Buc-ee's for the first time.

Buc-ee's is the ultimate convenience store, so it is so fun that a creator known for going to convenience stores was finally able to try it out. She was initially surprised by how large it is but was soon distracted by the yummy-looking food and coffee that she had to try. She got herself some iced coffee along with a brisket sandwich and some Beaver Chips.

As someone that only recently went to Buc-ee's for the first time, I understand the hype around it. It really has everything and all of Buc-ee's branded food is delicious. I’m glad she enjoyed her visit because I’m sure there would have been an army of angry Texans in her comment section if she didn’t enjoy it.

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