Those of us that love dogs know how amazing it can be when you adopt a pup and know that you are going to be providing a fresh start and forever home for a dog in need.

That is exactly what Jacquelyne Nicholas, a farm owner in New Mexico. Just last Thursday, Nicholas adopted a dog that was surrendered by its previous owners. Yogi, the dog, was previously an outdoor dog, and his new owner wanted to take him home and give him a comfy life on her farm.

Nicholas decided to film the process of getting Yogi into her car to take him to his new forever home. This video, which started innocently enough, then took a major turn. The next thing you see is the ceiling of the car as you hear Nicholas screaming in shock and fear. The video is captioned to explain why she was so frantic.

Apparently, Yogi, an 80+ pound dog managed to squeeze through a partially open car window and jump out of the car while driving on the freeway. Nicholas said she immediately pulled over and jumped out of the car to see Yogi roll to a stop on the road. She got him up and lifted him into the car before getting back in herself and rolling all the windows up.

I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been. Obviously, the pup didn’t know any better and might have been afraid of being in the car. You can tell how upset Nicholas was about the situation as she just hoped that the dog she just adopted was going to be okay after taking such a tumble.

Nicholas followed up after that initial video explaining that she got Yogi into the vet and he came away from the incident perfectly fine with just a few scratches. He is now settling into his new life on the farm and seems to be doing very well.

Everyone that saw the original video is happy to know that the big pup is okay. Now that Yogi’s owner knows he is capable of squeezing through some tight spaces, hopefully, nothing like this will happen again.

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