On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz talked with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about his run for senate and other hot-button issues in politics.

Concerning recent poll numbers, Cruz said he is "surging" in the senate race, and that the race has effectively become a two-man race between him and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

"If the election were held today, according to the latest poll numbers, there'd be a run-off between me and David Dewhurst, and that presents a clear, straightforward choice...between a timid career politician in David Dewhurst, or a strong conservative fighter."

Cruz said that people want a strong conservative who can take on President Barrack Obama, and compared his own campaign to that of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Chad Hasty also asked Ted Cruz about his views of U.S. Senator John Cornyn in connection with a Dallas Morning News story from today that is headlined: Cruz Surprises Senate Analysts by Hesitating to Back Cornyn for Top Post. Cruz disagreed with the Morning News reporter's interpretation of his comments, "John Cornyn is a good man, he's my friend and I like and respect him. What I told the (Dallas Morning News) reporter was very simple. Which is that I think it would be presumptuous for me to talk about who I'm going to support in (Senate) leadership until I'm elected. I've got a primary to win and then an (general) election."

Cruz continued, "What I told the reporter is look- the decision of leadership in the Senate, is the decision for the conference to make, and I'm not committing to any leadership votes because I'm trying to win a primary."

Cruz also shared his views on the payroll tax, Social Security benefits and affirmative action.

For more on Ted Cruz and his campaign for U.S. Senate, visit his website at tedcruz.org.

KFYO's Robert Snyder contributed to this report

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