Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. The Special Session is over (link)

That's all folks! The Texas House adjourned on Wednesday without passing the TSA groping bill. Legislators also left Austin without addressing Sanctuary Cities. The two pieces of legislation were designated as Emergency Items by Governor Rick Perry, but obviously legislators didn't see it his way. According to KFYO's Cole Shooter:

The “pat-down” bill was passed by the Texas Senate, which adjourned Tuesday afternoon, but supporters in the House could not muster the 120 votes necessary, ending up with a 96-26 vote to suspend constitutional rules. The votes were not enough to bring the bill up for final passage.

Both chambers passed the critical fiscal bills and hurricane finance reforms that were the main reason for the special session.

What are your thoughts overall on the job lawmakers did in Austin?

2. Duncan fires back (link)

State Senator Robert Duncan fired back at Governor Rick Perry in the press release war that their having over Sanctuary Cities. Here is Duncan's response:

“I am a joint author of SB 9, the sanctuary cities legislation that the Senate passed on June 15th. This was comprehensive legislation that dealt with the issue of enforcement of state and federal laws and prohibition of sanctuary cities. The primary purpose of SB 1 was to certify the budget and provide funding four our public schools. Combining school finance issues in SB 1 with sanctuary cities issues would have placed both of these important measures in jeopardy. My Senate colleagues on the SB 1 conference committee and members of the Senate Republican Caucus were clear about their desire to keep these two issues separate. I agreed and held firm on this position.”

3. God without Religion (link)

Today on the show, Author and Pastor Dr. Andrew Farley, will join us to discuss his brand new book "God without Religion". It's sure to ignite some debate in studio and with you the listeners and I look forward to the interview and hearing your thoughts. I enjoy talking about religion on the show because we typically get great feedback from the listeners. I don't know of many other places where a discussion on religion would be as appreciated. Tune in!
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