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After 29 years in Lubbock, Gilbert's Bar and Grill is no more. You may have noticed the location at 2608 Salem Avenue has a new name.

Tripp's is the new name of the building and restaurant, but that doesn't mean Gilbert's is totally gone. In fact, Gilbert's menu, including the Chinese and shrimp dinner on Saturday night's is still available inside of Tripp's.

The new Tripp's sounds like they're bringing back the hits while expanding the menu and expanding the time they are open. They've even opened up the patio.

According to their Facebook page, Tripp's has brought back the General Tso's Chicken Special on Fridays for lunch. On Wednesdays, Tripp's now has the Teriyaki Steak Special, only now it's available all day long.

And while it sounds great that Tripp's has kept Gilberts alive on the menu, they're also working to expand the menu and have included items from the old Chili Dog Cafe menu.

Yes, this is exactly how it sounds. Take the best of Gilbert's Bar and Grill and Chili Dog Cafe and combine it into one place called Tripp's. And I'm sure they will be adding more entrees and other options down the road. In fact, last weekend Tripp's hosted a Crawfish Boil. One other item that the owners of Tripp's want people to know about is their Keto-friendly menu.

Tripp's is also now open for breakfast and has been experimenting with hours. As of two weeks ago, Tripp's was going to be open Sunday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Could we see a new Tripp's Brunch menu soon?

I think the idea of combining two restaurants and keeping the best-selling items is a smart idea and I can't wait to try the new Tripp's. For more information on the new Tripp's, visit their Facebook page.

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