Still no trial and evidence actually helping George Zimmerman out, but that isn't stopping some from honoring Trayvon. A Washington D.C. elementary school decided that this past Friday was Trayvon Martin Day. Why? Well to teach lessons on race relations of course. In other words, Malcom X Elementary School has decided that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed because he was black. Not because he attacked someone. According to the report:

Malcolm X Elementary Principal J. Harrison Coleman says that she hopes the lesson will help reduce the needless violence and bullying in the community.

"The children at Malcolm X know the name Trayvon Martin," Coleman said. "They know the incident. They know because of what they see in the news and what they experience every day."

Coleman said that every adult who attended the seminar would receive an Arizona Iced Tea and each student would get a bag of Skittles.

Pathetic. I have no problem with schools having a day to discuss bullying or dangers, but to name one after Trayvon Martin is stupid. This is right up there with the Congressional Black Caucus members holding a public trial of George Zimmerman without any evidence. The administrators should be ashamed.