On today’s edition of the Chad Hasty Show, David Guenthner outlined the transportation funding bill proposals currently being considered in the Texas Legislature. Guenthner also expressed surprise at the direction each proposal had taken in the second reading.

The second reading by the House, scheduled for yesterday, was adjourned until Thursday due to the absence of 26 voting members.

The Senate’s proposal remained similar to its previous draft, splitting oil and gas severance tax money between general revenue and the rainy day fund.

The House proposed that the portion of the gas tax revenue currently contributing to public schools will be rerouted for roads. The schools would then receive that same amount from the ESF fund.

Guenthner told KFYO’s Chad Hasty, “It does not have any sort of provision related to the ESF in there. So, conceivably if you wind up having that balance get down to really no number, you’re still taking severance tax money out and putting that into schools.

“There’s been concern among the conservatives about what that’s going to do to the credit rating, what it’s going to do as far as creating entitlement, and precedence and demand.”

Ultimately, Guenthner felt the House and Senate would continue to become divided on the bill and it may not be easily resolved.

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