It hasn't even been a week since I wrote about the mini Buc-ee's being up in West Texas. Sadly, it's already been taken down. Well, the Buc-ee's sign on the building, anyway.

This mini-art replica of the beloved chain convenience store popped up about a week ago and we had no idea where it came from. The location didn't have any gas pumps, bathrooms or all the beloved favorite snacks; it's just a small building with a Buc-ee's sign on it. Facebook user Jose Lujan found it off of U.S. Highway 90 about 20 miles east of Marathon.

Buc-ee's said they didn't even know who did it or where it came from. Now, the strange spot is no more.

If you go to the Visit Marathon Texas Facebook page, they confirm the news that the mini Buc-ee's is no more. They wrote on Facebook:

 "We don’t know whether Tiny Buc-ee’s met its tragic end via wrecking ball , backhoe or bulldozer. But we do know that for 3 short days this tiny titan brought joy to the few who were lucky enough to set eyes upon her glory and take selfies in order to share happiness and satire with the internet world."

They went on to post Rest in Peace information and other details on what they know, taking the opportunity to remind everyone why Marathon, Texas is still a great place to visit -- even without a tiny and unique faux Buc-ee's.

Before the small building donned the famous beaver face of Buc-ee's, it was adorned with the Target logo. It seems to be a spoof/homage of the world-famous mini-Prada replica store located in Marfa, Texas.

As for a new "store" opening up in the spot, we all hope it'll happen soon. But for now Lubbock will just have to wait for the actual new Buc-ee's that's set to open in Amarillo to enjoy their famous snacks.

Ladies & Gentlemen, The World's SMALLEST Buc-ee's is Just So Cute

The new tourist spot can be found in Marfa, a small desert city in west Texas, is known as an arts hub. The art installation, remember the famous Marfa Prada installation, it's kinda like that, has popped up on the side of Sanderson Highway.

Why Texas Shouldn't Be Sore About Tennessee Getting the World's Largest Buc-ee's

The world's largest Buc-ee's is about to be built! Tennessee. Yep, the Volunteer State is about to be home to a Texas icon that's bigger and better than any Buc-ee's here at home, and while that may rub you the wrong way, here are some reasons we might actually have reason to celebrate.


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