Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Tibor Nagy, Vice Provost of International Affairs at Texas Tech, spoke with Tom and Laura about perceptions of the U.S. across the world.

Nagy said that, after visiting Hungary (bordering the Ukraine), he noticed that there is a general perception that the U.S. has become irrelevant. He noted that many people believe the U.S. simply makes empty threats. He said, "The United States has basically become a paper tiger, saying things but not doing it." Nagy said the thing to do now is to work with U.S. allies in the background to come up with something that will more visibly and effectively affect Putin. He suggested this is a better route than adding more sanctions that may simply hurt our own oil companies that do a lot of business in Russia.

Nagy also commented briefly on the mass kidnapping of young women in Nigeria. Get details by listening to the interview below.

Listen to the full interview:

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