Russia has lined up over a hundred thousand troops at the Ukraine border according to Fox News. It is obvious that Russia plans to invade the Ukraine the same way they did when Obama was president in Crimea. The response from the Obama administration told the Russians that if a Democrat is in the White House, they can do whatever they want without any military consequences.

Biden has been talking to Putin and the press about what his response may look like. Instead of stopping this before it starts, Biden is talking about an Economic Response according to the Wall Street Journal. The European Union is not really talking about a response either because they are afraid of losing their natural gas pipeline.

Is there a country or group of countries that will stand up for the rights of the Ukraine? It should be all of them. The United States should have a force of their own on the Ukraine Border along with the rest of the European Union that would match that of the Russians. The Russians need to know and understand that we are willing to do what it takes to stop them. If they are able to take the Ukraine without any resistance, what is going to stop them from taking other places in Europe? If the European Union quakes every time the Russians say they are going to shut off the gas, then they will not be willing to stop the Russians until they come after their country.

The United States has the greatest military in the world. Even with this great military might, I am seeing a lot of things that remind me of World War II. The US is looking at economic ways to help or stop the war and Russia will not respond to those. Just like Germany, the only thing they will understand is a military greater than theirs right at their doorstep. Putin knows with a weak president like Biden, that they will never be stopped. I think World War III may be staring us in the face and we are not going to respond.


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