Update: We've learned that the cause of recent consternation among staff and students at Texas Tech's School of Music is way worse than originally thought.

Allison Hirth, senior director of media and public relations at Texas Tech University, told us that on Friday, November 26th, a 2-inch chilled water pipe on the 2nd floor of the music building broke, causing some flooding in the 2nd floor, 1st floor and basement.

The burst pipe also damaged circuit boards on an elevator, causing it to be cordoned off and out of commission. Ceiling tiles and carpets across the three floors were damaged as well. What a mess.

Thankfully, there is good news. Hirth said that repairs are underway and that "the majority of the work in the music building should be completed this month."

If the repairs are completed this month, that means students and staff will be returning to a building that's back to its normal level of dryness in January 2022, along with a working elevator, replaced ceiling tiles and more.

Original story: Learning to play an instrument is hard enough. What if you spent thousands of dollars on tuition, room, board, books, instruments and all the other countless college expenses to go to Texas Tech School of Music to learn how to play well, only to sit in a classroom where water drips on your head all day due to leaky pipes that just never seem to get fixed?

That's apparently the current situation at the Texas Tech music building.

Students and professors are annoyed and fed up with a leaky pipe situation and a multitude of other problems at the music building, such as no hot water, damaged equipment and hazardous conditions for everyone who enters the building due to a lack of maintenance. Not to mention the only elevator in the building that's ADA compliant is not working.

Day in and day out, classes are disrupted by loud giant blowers that are trying to dry up various wet floors, and the actual problems themselves have not been properly addressed. It seems they put band aids on them over and over, but never get to the root of the issue.

You'd probably be pretty frustrated. Check out how crappy the building looks inside and tell me if you'd be excited to learn in that atmosphere.

Texas Tech School of Music is falling apart...bad


Is there not enough money around to fix this, Texas Tech? I seem to remember you guys having a lazy river and a bunch of other crap that's comparatively much less important than being able to wash your hands with hot water or concentrate on reading music without gross water dripping on you from the ceiling.

What's more, band students are having to do outside fundraising to be able to replace uniforms that are 13 years old. Yes, you read that right: THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Why can't the athletics department cover the cost of the marching band uniforms? I'm sure there's plenty of money there to go around and those uniforms would be a drop in the bucket. Are our band students just not as important as football? The fundraising going is $150,000 to replace 500 uniforms. How much does the head football coach make again?

What exactly are we doing here?

Why build extra bulls**t and pay massive salaries without fixing the bones of the campus that appear to be failing miserably? One professor even posted a video on Facebook of the leaking problem, which I won't post here. It's public and you're welcome to do your own sleuthing to find it.

If you've had experience with these problems or would like to bring any others to our attention, please feel free to comment below, on our app or at the 94.5 FMX Facebook page. And if you can donate anything at all to help the Goin' Band From Raiderland get new uniforms, please click here.

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