Tomorrow, the morning show will be broadcasting from Reese Golf so I found it appropriate to post about golf today. I was browsing around and found what could be the answer to many golfer's prayers, the Polara Golf Ball. Yeah, the same ball that was banned by the USGA is back and apparently improved.

Sure, the ball is still banned by the USGA, but how many of us play professionally? This ball is made for the golfer who just can't hit it straight and gets frustrated thus making golf not as much fun. Is it cheating? Well, probably but if your just out having fun, who cares?

Makers say that the technology improves your swing by 75%, but according to FOX News:

And by 75 percent, Felker really means upwards of 90 percent. In robotic test trials, nine out of 10 balls flew straight, despite being poorly hit on purpose. And in personal trials at my local driving range, I went 10-for-10 in hitting straight balls with the Polara Ultimate Straight. Before and after, I was four to five out of 10.

And it's all thanks to simple physics: The dimples along the ball's y-axis are enlarged and shallower, helping to reduce forward drag. The dimples along the ball’s x-axis are smaller and deeper, to reduce sidespin. These help the ball correct any natural slice or hook -- making you a better golfer.

Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? I might have to pick some up and try them. Why not?

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