Mazda6 sedans are evidently popular with a certain type arachnid. Yellow sac spiders have been flocking to the vehicles’ fuel systems, forcing Mazda to make a 52,000 vehicle recall of Mazda6 2009 and 2010 models.

So what’s the problem? The spiders build webs in the fuel system, which cause blockages and restrictions in the lines. This could result in a cracked gas tank or even a fire. 20 cases of such an infestation have been reported so far, however none of those cases involved fires. All of the infestations have been in vehicles with 4-cylinder engines.

Officials still don’t exactly know why spiders are attracted to the vehicles. The car’s equipment is virtually the same as other modern cars, but the fact remains that the Mazda6’s fuel system can be severely damaged if not checked for infestations. The company plans to send out recall letters at the end of this month. Recalled vehicles will be equipped with a ‘spider proofing’ spring by dealers and damages to fuel systems will be repaired.