On Tuesday (February 9th), the United States Senate will waste time on the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

For those that might not know, this will be the first time an impeachment trial has occurred for a former President, and many argue this trial is not even constitutional.

But why let the U.S. Constitution get in the way of a circus?

Democrats know that this trial will go nowhere. The talking points are that former president Donald Trump must be held accountable for his actions, even though there is evidence that the riots at the Capitol were planned long before January 6th, 2021. Which leads to this question: will facts matter?

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You may not like how President Trump handled things after the election, but does that mean we should ignore the fact that groups had been planning to attack the Capitol back in December 2020?

The Democrats know that this trial is a sham. It's a public relations stunt. One more opportunity for the party and maybe even a few Republicans like Mitt Romney to get in one last jab at President Trump. Sure, the Democrats and some Republicans would love to ban Trump from ever running again, but Republicans know that would backfire and they can't afford for that to happen.

So congratulations, Democrats, for wasting our time. And to the Republicans, fight back. It's what the voters want you to do.

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