Around this time last year, Apple got us all pumped up about the release of a new iPhone. But then we were somewhat let down to discover that it was just an upgraded version of their current phone. This time, however,it looks like we'll finally be getting the iPhone 5 we were expecting last year, and maybe a little bit more. Here's some of the rumors floating around about the new iPhone 5.

Bigger and Badder? (Most likely)

As usual, the rumors are claiming that the iPhone 5 will be bigger and badder than ever. Bigger case, faster processor, better graphics, it's all the standard fare, and will probably be the most notaclbe diffeecne between the iPhone4/4S and the iPhone 5. However, one rumor I hope will not prove to be true is the new docking system. Some are saying that the universal iPhone charger component could be changed, making all the other cables for my other Apple devices obsolete.

4G LTE Support at last? (Hopefully)

When Apple released the "new iPad" back in March, they finally included something fans have been clamoring for: 4G LTE network support. Apple's devices, particularly their phones, have been surprisingly hesitant to provide support for the faster network, while their competitors have been jumping all over it. But now that Apple has 4G on the iPad, it's a very good possibility that this new iPhone will include 4G LTE support as well, which means Apple's competitors will lose one of the few edges they have over the tech giant.

September release date? (Seems legit)

Apple seems to run a bit like clockwork. Every year around mid to late Fall, they make some sort of major product announcement just in time for people to put it on their Christmas wish lists. This time,  the general consensus seems to be that Apple will be making the official announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12th, and will be available in stores 9 days later on September 21st. If that's the case, I expect pre-orders for the iPhone will start on announcement day, and be all sold out within the next hour.

New iPad as well? (I doubt it...)

There has also been talk that the iPhone won't be the only product announced on that magical 9/12 date. Some rumors are saying that Apple could also announce a smaller iPad, dubbed the "iPad Mini" or "iPad Nano." This rumor appears to come from the assumption that Apple will have to have a product to compete with the smaller tablet computers, like the Google Nexus 7. But I'm not quite buying this rumor. Apple may very well be developing a new, smaller tablet. But the likelihood that it will be announced the same time as the new iPhone, especially considering that it hasn't even been 6 months since the "new iPad" released, is pretty low.

As always, keep in mind that these are all, for the time being, rumors. Nothing here has been confirmed or denied by Apple. However, if there is indeed a big announcement on September 12th, I'll have a full recap of it on a future edition of the Geek Girl Report.