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The City of Lubbock has been backed up when it comes to maintaining lawns for the past 6 weeks, and will now pay contractors to help out.

KAMC News reports that the City is about 450 lawns behind, and isn't able to catch back up itself because of a lack of resources. It's also said that mowing a lawn in violation of city code typically takes around 1 to 2 weeks, but because of the backup, it's been taking around a month.

Inspectors first go to the property in question to determine if it violates city code, and if it does, the owners have 1 week to mow the lawn. Afterwards, the property is re-inspected, and if the lawn hasn't been mowed, it's placed on a mowers list.

The City of Lubbock has said that it will pay $40 to mow a vacant lot, $65 to mow at a residence, and $30 if you pick up any trash found on the lawn.

Contractor packets are currently available for private contractors to pick up. These packets include all information regarding what kind of insurance you're required to have.

It's specified that if you work with a crew, you must carry a workmen's comp. insurance and either a tax ID number or driver's license and Social Security number.

Those interested in becoming a private contractor can go to the Office at 1314 Avenue K, call 311 or 806-775-3000, or visit the MyLBK app.

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