This morning on LFN we talked about the upcoming Lubbock City Council meeting on Thursday and executive session that could determine what happens next in the Victor Hernandez saga. The council could decide on Thursday to send the case regarding the eligibility of Hernandez to the Texas Attorney General or they could decide to let the issue go and not worry about it.

On the show, Rex predicted that the council would send the case down to Austin. In my opinion, this council is done with the Hernandez saga. They will announce that after hearing different legal opinions, they have decided that they will take no further action against the councilman. I think they may also announce that they will once again take a look at creating a charter review committee.

I believe that a committee should take a look at the charter and update it. Then, all changes must go to the voters for approval. We need clearly defined language in the charter and language that we are sure in constitutional. This can't be a fast process, but one that is professional and gets input from the citizens.

What are your thoughts? What action should the council take against Hernandez? Should there be a new city charter review committee? Post your thoughts below.

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