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George P. Bush is ready to move up and made it official Wednesday, announcing he would take on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the Republican Primary for Attorney General.

The campaign between the two candidates might just be most brutal primary we'll see on the Republican side. If Bush loses, his political career might just come to a screeching halt. The same for Paxton if he loses.

Both have baggage that they will have to deal with. For Bush, it's going to be his handling of the Alamo Project and the fact that he upset quite a few people with how he has handled it. And yes, there's his last name as well. The Bush surname could immediately turn people off from his campaign, just as it could bring people out to get to know him.

Paxton, meanwhile, has his own issues. The incumbent AG has been under indictment for securities fraud for almost the entire time he's held office. He's continued to proclaim his innocence. Paxton took office in 2015. He's also under investigation by the FBI after former aides claimed he abused office to help a friend and donor. Paxton has said he's innocent of those accusations as well.

Bush will aim to make integrity and scandals a huge talking point of his campaign. The two likely agree on many items, and both want former President Trump's endorsement. So this race could come down to trust and character.

One thing Bush should stop accusing Paxton of? Being a career politician. It might be true, but when your last name is Bush and you come from a political dynasty, everyone outside of the Kennedys is a political outsider compared to you.

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