Everyone loves a good ghost story. Whether it's silhouettes in windows or apparitions in photographs, we humans are fascinated with tales of what goes 'bump' in the night.

What you may not know is that Texas has a popular haunted site, but it's not a house or spooky graveyard, it's actually an old decommissioned Navy ship off the coast of Texas in Corpus Christi Bay.

The "Blue Ghost"

The USS Lexington has had a long history of haunted claims, many of which are seeded in it's extensive past filled with bloodshed and tragedy.

Leaving Lexington
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You see, the vessel was commissioned back in 1943 during WWII to bolster the U.S. Navy presence in the Pacific Theater.

A true war hero, she received 11 battle stars along with the Presidential Unit Citation for her service before being decommissioned in '91.

A bloody history

During WWII, the USS Lexington's planes shot down 372 planes from the sky while destroying 475 on the ground. Her massive weaponry allowed her to personally take down about 20 additional planes from the sky.

One reason the "Blue Ghost" earned her nickname was due to the shocking attacks she received while being able to persevere and seemingly come back from the dead. A torpedo strike in 1943 along with a kamikaze attack to the engine room nearly ended her life at sea. All in all, there were about 370 casualties that took place aboard the "Blue Ghost".

Those that yet live...

Visitors often reported seeing manifestations wandering the halls. Some also claimed they heard men screaming and footsteps of soldiers who have died decades ago still residing on the ship.

To make things worse, others say they have an immediate sense of being sick whenever they enter the engine room, with the sprits of the Japanese kamikaze pilot and other American soldier's spirits present as well.

So, what do you think? Will you visit this famous haunted ship and see for yourself if the claims are true?

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