Have you heard about the Light of Saratoga?

One of the most haunted roads in Texas isn't a very long road. In fact, it's less than 8 miles long and it can be found in Hardin County about 75 miles northeast of Pasadena, Texas in the Big Thicket. The Big Thicket itself can be a little mysterious. A thick, swampy forest, with few roads that cut into it.

The road is known by a couple of different names. Old Bragg Road and the Ghost Road and those that have traveled down the road have reported some mysterious sightings including the Light of Saratoga.

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Google Maps

According to DangerousRoads.org, the Light of Saratoga has been witnessed by "multitudes" of people who have traveled the dirt road.

The mysterious lights appear and disappear at random during the dark of night without explanation. According to local legend, the light on Bragg Road is the ghostly lantern of an unfortunate railroad employee. Decapitated in a wreck, his spirit now walks the road nightly, eternally searching for his head.

The 8 mile stretch of road dates back to 1901 and was formally the site of a rail road track. The dirt road is about two cars wide today. According to AustinGhosts.com, the lights have been described as orbs that are white in color but can also be yellow or green.

There are plenty of YouTube videos about the Ghost Road as well including this one below.

Would you travel down the Ghost Road at night?

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