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In this tech-powered world, many things have turned virtual, including education. They provide easier access for people living far from the university of their choice or for other reasons that make them unable to visit the university in person.

Nursing is one program requiring a student to do various in-person studies. Students aiming to get a nursing degree now wonder if they can get their ABSN (Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree online. The short answer is no; people can’t fully obtain a nursing degree through full-time online learning.

However, finding an excellent online ABSN program in Texas that provides combined education is possible. Students will get to study online yet experience hands-on labs and clinicals.

How Online Nursing Programs Work

In traditional nursing programs, a student will attend in-person lectures to learn foundational nursing topics. In short, most theory classes will be available online. Students can attend the course wherever they want with a solid internet connection. The online teachers would primarily also teach on campus, so there wouldn’t be many differences between online and offline learning.

However, there’s no denying that nursing is hands-on work. Students must learn how to practice on real patients, which universities can’t provide online. This is why ABSN universities don’t offer full-time online learning, and students in Texas can only apply for hybrid learning.

For offline practices, students will engage in the theory application they’ve received from the online classes. Universities would provide a simulation lab to support student’s practical classes through a mock clinical environment.

ABSN universities will also give students some real-world experiences. The school will provide a way for a student to do clinical rotations at top healthcare facilities. Students will be able to learn various patient care scenarios in a real-world environment.

The Hybrid Curriculum

Universities offering ABSN provide labs for their offline classes that cater to students for them to practice their skills. They can use the space to learn how to start IVs, insert catheters, take blood pressure, and more. The lab will provide the complete equipment and a professional instructor to supervise students’ practices.

Other labs can run simulations to mimic real-life healthcare environments without actual patients. Students can learn essential examinations and the best way to provide care for patients with complex needs.

In the place of living patients, the labs use manikins. Some simulation labs give realistic manikins with several human body capabilities, such as talking, blinking, and beating hearts. The manikins often can simulate how human bodies react to illness so that students can practice against realistic conditions. Instructors will then observe the practice and give feedback at the end of the simulation.

Clinical rotations are also something that students can’t experience online. This is an essential experience that nursing students must get for many reasons. One of them is the importance of experiencing diverse patient cases and how professionals react to them. Through clinical rotations, nurses-to-be will learn from experts in the field and learn to care for patients hands-on.

Clinical rotations are also a way for students to expand their professional connections. They can use the chance to network and scout potential employers and showcase their abilities.

The Advantages of Online ABSN

Virtual learning gives better accessibility for individuals who are occupied at home yet looking to pursue further education. Everyone’s living conditions differ, and online learning allows people to adjust their schedules better. They can attend classes anywhere they want with a solid internet connection.

Online ABSN courses tend to be rigorous as they’re fast-paced. However, students can finish their studies faster than attending traditional ABSNs.

Although individuals will learn virtually, that won’t limit them from connecting with their classmates and instructors. Online nursing degrees mostly use hybrid learning, so students can still make in-person teacher appointments. They can also choose to consult virtually through a video conference.

Universities often provide real-time study sessions so students can learn together. The virtual aspect of online learning makes it easier to make appointments with classmates, as they can go online almost anywhere.

Universities often provide coaches who can help if they find a course challenging. Not only for study consultations, these coaches can help students with time management issues the students are facing.

The Wrap-Up

Online learning allows students to adjust their studying methods according to their learning type. Virtual classes are more flexible and provide the best way to digest the courses through visual, verbal, aural, and kinesthetic resources.

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