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Sugar Daddy-wannabe Joe Biden is doing everything he can to buy the kids' votes. He's gonna need 'em in 2024. He cannot run on anything else, literally or figuratively, so he's gonna keep going for that "debt forgiveness" ploy - despite the pesky laws, the Constitution and courts that said, "No, Joe. No!".

College and the kids. In this day and age, one has to wonder what college is for when all that seems to come out of theses Automaton Factories is debt-ridden, weak, whiny lemmings? You can be all of those things without ANY schooling and a lot less effort.

When one sees the growing number of people unwilling to work and or learn; explore and research new, uncomfortable topics and ideas, then seriously: what is the point? Where is the "higher learning" among the lowest common denominators of banality and secularism?

It certainly isn't to "evolve" or create a new super breed of human, obviously. So the opposite must be true - or at least: the most likely. Riddle me these:

Are you independent? Are you more tolerant than ever before?

Are you more loving? Or a bit more kind?

Or are you surrendering all individuality for compliance towards an unknown future just because you were told to? .. not asked. TOLD.

Are you a child? Are you immature?

Are you incapable of self-discipline? Self-determination?

Are you rational? Or emotional?

Can you read? Contemplate? Research? Do you .. ever? Are you even allowed to?

Do you have questions or do you just parrot other people's answers?

Somewhere between the 5th or 6th "stimulus" checks, the Safe Spaces, Cancel Culture  and the 7th or 14th jabby jabs, you'll find your answer.

A modern collegiate is most likely to never have held a job, have little to no savings, cannot/will not live on their own until mid-late 20s and yet declare with absolute certainty:

- that the world will end in 10 to 20 years due to Cliimate Change issues and

- that Electric Vehicles (EVs) will save the planet and

- everything is Trump's fault and/or that roving horde of gun-toting, bible-thumping evangelical Christians'.

You don't need college to have ANY of these FEELINGS.

Childhood is made up of daydreams and fantasies. Knock yourself out.

Do us all a favor and remember to wake up at some point.

There are NO "renewable energy sources". There ARE alternatives but they ALL originate from deposits in the Earth. ALL of them. All of the petroleum for plastics and combustible engines. All of the lithium carbonate, all of the nickel, all of the manganese and all of cobalt for EV batteries. Nevermind the Third World slavery etc. Pffft. The Planet matters more, yes?

We use a ton of fossil fuels to dig up all of the "green" supplies to make the "green" machines that eventually wear down (like everything does). We recycle as much of the "green" machines as we can using fossil fuels to break it all down, repurpose or bury what we cannot repurpose.

And then we start all over again. Until it's ALL used up; gone.

That "end" will be hundreds and hundreds of years from now - the National Debt will harm more people than any threat of Climate Change. And no one is doing a damn thing about that in the Biden Administration.

So nope. Not "renewable". Not at all.
"Alternative", yes - but to the same end, ultimately.

Chew on this for as long as ya like .. just turn out the lights when you're done.
Y'know .. reduce that ol' carbon footprint!

- McDermott


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