Last night, the United Supermarkets Arena was completely packed, with 15,000 fans cheering on the Red Raiders during their game against the Texas Longhorns. While those 15,000 made it into the stadium and experienced the game of a lifetime, there were apparently hundreds of other ticket holders who were left out in the cold.

According to comments on a Texas Tech University Instagram post, as well as a video posted by a Texas Tech student, some people are claiming up to 500 fans were refused entrance to the game after waiting in the cold for three hours, even though they had tickets.


Most of the fans who were refused entrance seem to be Texas Tech students. It might seem like it’s not a big deal because students are given free entrance to sporting events, but they still reserved tickets online, meaning that there should have been a seat for them in the arena.

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Instagram user @maddyybeal commented on a Texas Tech Athletics Instagram post asking, "can the students who had tickets and weren’t let in get that $65 athletic fee refund?" That's something else to keep in mind. Although the students get into games for free, they're paying $65 as a part of their tuition to cover those ticket costs.

What I'm assuming happened is that the school oversold tickets, expecting some of the ticketholders to not show up for the game. Then everyone did show up and they had to turn away hundreds of people because they didn’t plan things through.

I understand that plenty of things that I'm not aware of may have happened behind the scenes, but when it comes to major events like this, it's hard to give leeway for such a big mistake.

Obviously, they want to fill the arena so they do whatever they can to make that happen, but overselling hundreds of tickets and turning people away after hours of waiting is not a good look.

*We reached out to Texas Tech University and will update this post if we hear back from them about the situation.

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