September 17th is dedicated to reminding United States citizens about the document that establishes the framework of the government, and outlines our rights and freedoms.

In a press release this week, District 84 State Representative John Frullo reminded citizens that September 17th is Constitution Day, marking the 225th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution.

“There was no precedent for what the Founding Fathers created,” said Frullo. “They relied on wisdom from above and a deep sense of conviction that all men are created equal. They also demonstrated tremendous leadership and perseverance knowing this document would be the bedrock of a free people.”

In honor of this occasion, Frullo encourages all to utilize some resources to learn more about the Constitution, including an educational web-based video series and a personal pocket constitution app for the iPhone. This information is available at or

Constitution Day was first observed by the nation in 2004.