About an hour after Texas Governor Rick Perry officially called a third special session of the 83rd Legislature, the Texas Senate took action.

By 23-3 votes, respectively, the Senate passed SB 1 and SJR 1 which would fund future transportation infrastructure in the state. The three senators who voted 'no' were Sen. Dan Patrick (pictured), Sen. Ken Paxton, Sen. Charles Schwertner.

Following his 'no' votes, Sen. Patrick said, "I attempted to add the amendment to put a Constitutional floor back in the new third special session transportation/Rainy Day Fund bill. Even though the Senate supported it 3 times previously, it failed as all Democrats & a few (Republicans) voted against it.

"The bill passed without a Constitutional floor 22-3. Sen Paxton & Schwertner joined me in voting no.

"I'm in favor of funding needed transportation, but the principle of securing out reserve fund, the Rainy Day Fund, is a core conservative principle. I don't want future legislators to be in a position to spend all the money."

The Texas House is adjourned until Monday. When they convene, they will consider their own transportation funding bills.