Over the past couple of years, Hennessey and Bugatti have been fighting it out over who can create the world’s fastest production car, and Hennessy will have it with the Veyron being discontinued earlier this year.

The Venom F5 is a new entry from the Houston-based Hennessey that is in development and being prepped to breach the 290 mph mark. Hennessey told gearheads.org that this is a brand new car, with a new body, and motor. While no concrete numbers have been released, the motor is a twin-turbocharged V8 reported to have over 1,400 horse power, with a single clutch paddle-shift transmission.  It also has a spoiler braking assistant, which is pretty much standard in the hypercar market now.

The new Venom looks like the McLaren P1and La Ferrari had a baby, and in my opinion is devastatingly gorgeous.  30 of the Venom F5s are set for production, starting later this year after the initial speed run attempting to reach 290mph. The problem Hennessey will have is finding a place to reach 290 mph. They set their last record on a NASA landing strip that is 3.2 miles long, and the only reason they didn’t go faster than 270 mph, is because the runway was too short. Get out your wincing wallet, because you’ll need over $1.2 million for a Venom F5.


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