UPDATE: We've received an update on the man who fell ill during the game. You can read it here.

There's nothing more action packed and exciting than indoor football. I prefer indoor football to NCAA/NFL games most of the time, and this Saturday proved to me just how much I love indoor football.

Credit: Boleo/TSM A Diehard Venom Fan
Credit: Boleo/TSM A Diehard Amarillo Venom Fan

One thing I will say, the Amarillo Venom always play hard and show the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Saturday, May 13, the Amarillo Venom played the Texas Revolution, the same team they beat last year in the playoffs, so I expected this to be a fierce game. These were two teams that wanted nothing more than victory.

But who would ever think that both teams would be winners?

During the 3rd quarter, paramedics were quickly called to the end zone. Like most fans in the crowd, I thought a player had been injured.

No, a player was not injured.

Paramedics headed to the stands, not the end zone. A fan was suffering a seizure.

But that is when things changed quickly.

Players from both teams quickly responded by assisting EMTs. They went into the stands to assist in whatever way they could. And since the stretcher was on the field and couldn't be put in the stands easily, the players assisted in getting the injured fan onto the field and on a stretcher.

In addition, players still on the field prayed for the fan.

I was absolutely blown away by the courage and determination of not just the EMTs, but the players as well. They went completely out of their way to do whatever it would take to help in such a critical situation.

My faith in humanity has been restored, and both the Amarillo Venom and the Texas Revolution should be commended for helping save the life of a fan.

By the way, the Venom lost to the Revolution 68-61. But they were all winners in my book.


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