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Those who are in the public eye are used to the angry phone calls, tweets, and letters they receive. For lawmakers, commentators, and others it comes with the job and most learn to have thick skin early in their careers.

Sadly, death threats are also something that people who are in the spotlight have to deal with.  According to the Texas Tribune, Texas lawmakers are the latest to receive death threats and this time it's because they stood for life. State law enforcement agencies reportedly alerted members of the Texas Legislature earlier this week that they had gotten a credible threat against members of the Texas House and Senate. In a follow-up email from the Department of Public Safety, the FBI and DPS concluded that the threat was only to those lawmakers who voted for Senate Bill 8, the legislation that bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

Imagine being so mad about lawmakers who want to save innocent life, that you threaten to kill them. That's what is happening right now to lawmakers such as Rep. Dustin Burrows and many others. According to the Texas Tribune, the threat that the FBI and DPS says is credible was posted on Reddit.

The threat was apparently made on Reddit and included the names of House and Senate members who voted for the legislation. The user threatened to “end each one of you” and said the lawmakers at hand “are not people to me.”

Senate Bill 8 is being pushed by many in the media to be a horrible bill that will hurt women. But what about the innocent lives it will protect? That's the point that many on the left and in the news media lose sight of. Lives will be protected and saved because of this legislation.

Threating to kill someone because they are protecting the innocent? It makes zero sense and I hope they are found and prosecuted.

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