On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, David Watts, candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, spoke with guest host Ysidro Gutierrez about his run for land commissioner.

Watts explained that he comes from a strong business background, and he approaches the office of Land Commissioner as a business. He said the Land Commissioner office needs an executive, not a politician, and that his business experience would be a perfect fit for the office.

"I've got clients that fly me all around the U.S. and sometimes even around the world saying "help us." And those companies, sometimes they're 500 people, sometimes there 50,00 people. And it's that kind of expertise that is in demand that I what to bring to the work of the Texas Land Commissioner, helping that agency be really a demonstration of just how efficient and how good government can be.. So that's the angle I come at it from."

Watts said he wants to show that government can still be great and effective. He said that, in all the discussions he's had with the people of Texas, everyone wants to see a more transparent, accountable and responsible government, and that is what he intends to bring to office.

For more information on David Watts and his campaign for Texas Land Commissioner, visit his website at wattsfortexas.org.

Listen to the full interview with David Watts here:

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