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I don't know many people who are fans of school fundraisers. Whether it's the student who is supposed to sell candy bars, gift wrapping, magazines, or now household products. Or the parents who are really the ones in charge of selling the fundraising items to neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

That brings us to Jacob Taylor of Marble Falls. His son's school, Tierra Vista Montessori School, is raising money to build a chicken coop. In order to build the chicken coop, his 18-month old son was sent home with a list of kitchen products to sell. Taylor didn't want to go door to door selling products, so instead he created a GoFundMe page with a simple message, "give me $5" according to

“So what stand am I taking, exactly? Here it is: you give me $5. That’s it. You give me $5, I stop bugging you about fundraisers, everyone is happy. I don’t have to drag my kid all over the neighborhood trying to sell you an avocado peeler for $12 (a real item in this catalog) and you don’t have to give me money for a giant piece of crap you’ll never use or enjoy,” Taylor wrote in the GoFundMe.

Taylor's honesty about not being a fan of fundraisers must have struck a nerve for many because the donations poured in and soon, the chicken coop was paid for. In fact, as of this posting, over $1,800 has been raised which means the school will use the extra money for other features

Well done Mr. Taylor and to all those who donated.

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