S.O.S. Cotton Candy is a cotton candy delivery and cart service business that runs out of Texas in the Bryan/College Station area. The business is owned by a couple that proudly graduated together from Texas A&M.

While they seem to get plenty of business for weddings, birthdays, and other special events, they have also blown up on TikTok. They have nearly 300 thousand followers with over 12 million likes on their videos. While their account started as a way to show off their products, it grew in popularity when they started a series of videos called “Color Battle”, where they compare gel and liquid food coloring to see which produces a better color.

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They then started a series where they would try mixing different colors of food coloring together to try and make fun and unique colors.

My personal favorite series of theirs was then developed where they compete against each other. In these videos, the husband and wife compete to see who can make the cotton candy closest to the target color.

Now they have started a series where they make cotton candy colors that they think represent certain states. Of course, they started with the great state of Texas.

It’s so fun seeing such a unique and creative Texas business get so much attention online. You can book them to attend an event if you live near them, or you can order cotton candy from their online store. Visit their website for more information, or head over to their TikTok for more videos.

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