On Thursday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined The Chad Hasty Show to talk about the recent guidelines issued by President Obama to U.S. public school systems regarding bathroom use by students who identify as transgenders.

Paxton says that Obama and the federal government are exceeding their authority, discussed problems surrounding the guidelines, and talked about how Texas is leading the way in legal action against the federal government regarding the issue.

Paxton said,

What they've done here is such a broad swath, anybody can now go into a bathroom and say, I, some man can walk into a girl's locker room and say, 'I feel like a woman today' and then change back tomorrow.

During the interview Hasty asked Paxton why the transgender issue is such a hot topic, and if it is truly a serious discrimination issue in the nation. Paxton replied, "You know they don't ever identify that in their guidelines. That's what I'm saying, it's a solution in search of a problem. They don't identify that as a being a problem, they don't provide any evidence that it's a problem, that's why it's really odd."

Paxton continued talking about the lawsuit and what school districts can do to get involved, saying, "We can represent any school district in the state. So any school district that wants to join, we'll let them in."

Listen to the entire interview with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the video above.

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