On Tuesday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Texas attorney general Greg Abbott spoke with Chad Hasty about some big cases facing the state of Texas.

Abbott has been garnering attention recently because of his support of a small Texas school district. The cheerleaders in the Kountze school district had been displaying biblical verses on the football banners at their games. However, the Freedom From Religion foundation in Wisconsin took offense to the verses and is now threatening to sue the school district. Abbott is standing behind the school district and said he is fed up with this organization bullying small school districts all across Texas.

It's the typical kind of thing where students are just trying to, on their own, make an expression of belief in a higher being, and that's constitutional...we're tired of atheists trying to come in here and trying to purge any and all references to God.

Abbott says he is willing to back the Kountze school district all the way to the Supreme Court, if the case does indeed go that far.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, Abbott also discussed two cases the Supreme Court will be hearing this month that will affect the state of Texas. Concerning the voter ID law, Abbott says that the Supreme Court has already ruled once before that the law is indeed constitutional, but states are still trying to strike down this "common sense" law. And concerning affirmative action at the University of Texas, Abbott said it is now up to the courts to determine if these race-based admissions are actually a form of racism.

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