On Sunday's edition of the Did You Know Show, Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman spoke with Ysidro Gutierrez about his campaign for Attorney General.

One of Smitherman's biggest targets is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he has already sued the agency seven times as a prosecutor. He said the EPA is "out of control," and the fact that they're aiming to shut down oil and gas industries in Texas proves that they don't understand Texas and how our economy works.

"If [the EPA] had their way, they would shut down power generation using fossil fuels, they would shut down oil and gas drilling, cattle feeder lots because that's a big source of what they call "fugitive methane emissions." They do not understand the Texas economy, which is the shining star of the American economy. If you were to back out the Texas economic growth that has happened over the last 5 or 6 years, I don't think there's been any growth in America without Texas."

Smitherman also talked about child support, a major part of the Attorney General's office. He said that men who get women pregnant should be held responsible for both the women and their child, and that he would work to ensure those fathers would pay their child support. Smitherman also took a listener's questions concerning the 2nd Amendment, saying that he would do everything in his power to protect Texans and their rights to carry arms.

For more information on Barry Smitherman and his campaign for Texas Attorney General, visit his website at barryfortexas.com.

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