A teenager returned to the Lubbock City Council chambers to chastise Lubbock’s mayor for comments made at their last meeting.

Julian Hernandez spoke to the Council during citizen comments at Monday's meeting, this time wearing a black short-brimmed fedora.

At the Council meeting on December 6th, Julian Hernandez spoke during citizen comments, and advocated for a reduction in drug laws, saying “I move to decriminalize all organic drugs within the City.”

He was wearing a white, flat-billed DC Clothing hat while addressing the Council, a move that Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson chose to comment on.

“Mr. Hernandez, I’m going to make a statement, and it’s a statement I would make to you if you were one of my three sons. I’m not asking for a response or a comment, but if you’d like to be taken seriously next time you approach this Council, I would suggest showing respect to this Council and leaving your cap off in your truck or your car,” said Robertson.

Cole Shooter, KFYO.com

Julian Hernandez responded saying “I do not believe that it is disrespectful for me to wear a hat to the City Council. It is not disrespectful for me to wear a hat in an assembly of God.”

Robertson calmly replied, saying “It is very plain that I did not raise you then.”

At this week’s meeting, Julian Hernandez started by saying “I would like to present a grievance. The slanderous statements made by Mayor John [sic] Robertson towards me…would be grounds for defamation if I had not publicly expressed my opinions to you.”

“I will not allow myself to be a victim of stereotyping, and you will not label me disrespectful because of the way I present myself while I address to you, far greater issues,” Julian Hernandez continued.

The eighteen year-old continued, saying that he was arrested last Tuesday, and was the victim of police brutality. Julian Hernandez claimed that officers punched him in the genitals and destroyed his personal property, as he held up a shredded red shirt.

“I understand why I was put in jail. I’m not here to argue why I was put in jail, but my rights were violated while I was in the City jail…I would like to see the officers that participated in my assault sanctioned somehow, and I would like to be reimbursed for the property damage that was assessed,” Julian Hernandez said.

Lubbock Police Chief Roger Ellis stepped outside the Council Chambers with Julian Hernandez following his comments, but the content of their discussion is unknown.

Robertson simply said “Mr. Hernandez, thank you for being here,” before calling up the next citizen scheduled to speak.

Julian Hernandez is not related to District 1 Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez.