Last week, Senator John McCain told a radio show in Philadelphia that he and a Republican controlled Senate would block any Supreme Court nominee that a possible President Clinton would put forward. According to, McCain said that the Republicans would be "united" in this effort.

A spokesman later walked back the comments a short time later by promising McCain would consider each nominee on a individual basis. Still, the line had been drawn in the sand.

Today, another Senator Cruz hinted that such a plan could happen. According to, Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel tweeted out that he had asked Cruz if there should be votes on Clinton Supreme Court nominees if she should win and the GOP were to keep control of the Senate. According to Weigel, Cruz said that there was precedent for less than 9 justices.

It's not clear how the American people would feel about the idea, but it is important to note that the Supreme Court has not been a major topic in the 2016 Election.