It was a tremendous opportunity to speak with Ronnie Hill and discover what he has planned for the upcoming Taste of Ransom Canyon event.

Hill's vision for the Taste of Ransom Canyon, which happens Saturday, Oct. 1 from 7 to 9 p.m., is special, unique and wonderful. It will set the tone for the fall season in Lubbock as nothing else could and transport visitors on a remarkably scenic journey, dressed in colorful fall foliage and trimmed with gourmet tastes, locally grown wines, original brews and wonderful music.

Hill describes the event as such: "It truly is a culinary event and the backdrop is going to be our beautiful West Texas fall weather. It will be in the evening from will have, all kinds of tasting and some special restaurant treats and just some real culinary delights."

The event will happen at the Ranch House on the Lake and feature local restaurants, food caterers and other local food vendors. Just a few "taste contributors" taking part in the Taste of Ransom Canyon event are: Market Street, La Madeline, Bigham's BBQ, Triple J Chophouse & Brewery and Aspen Creek.

"Going from booth to booth and tasting the food, they'll hear the entertainment in the background and then they'll be able to go over and they'll be able to taste their favorite beverage because we have some locally grown wines here and some brew masters here that are able to make beer that is quite interesting," Hill said.

According to Hill, the date was perfect as to avoid interrupting Lubbockites from a local Texas Tech football game.

"We specifically picked this weekend because there is not a Texas Tech football game on Saturday and it really gives people an opportunity to drive out to Ransom Canyon and for those who have been out there they know how beautiful it is in the fall," Hill added.

Hill said tickets are going fast and are capped at 300 total. Call for them at 806-543-7089, or you can buy them in town at Ralph's Records and Tapes and Plains Capitol Bank for $30 per ticket.

Ronnie Hill, Taste of Ransom Canyon