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Combs Certifies Budget
Texas Comptroller Susan Combs issued the 2014-2015 Certification Revenue Estimate to state lawmakers on Thursday. In process of verifying the 2014-2015 budget, the report also states that economic growth has created a $2.5 billion surplus...
Sales Tax Revenue Up
Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has sent cities, counties, transit systems, and special purpose taxing districts sales tax allocations totaling $579.8 million, a 5.2 percent increase from one year ago.
Match the Promise Scholarships
Fifth through ninth graders whose families have an income of $100,000 or less and participate in TTPF may apply for the matching scholarships and tuition grants through December 31st, 2013.
Hilderbran in Lubbock
A Republican running for statewide office in Texas will make a stop in Lubbock this weekend. State Representative Harvey Hilderbran of Kerrville is running for State Comptroller and will hold a meet and greet on Saturday from 1:30-3pm at Riversmith’s on 5th street and Avenue Q...
Prepaid Tuition
Families in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund purchase prepaid “tuition units” that can later be used toward undergraduate tuition and required fees at schools ranging from Texas public community colleges to four-year, in-state universities.
Sales Tax Revenue Up
Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said that the latest monthly gains were led by sectors such as construction and the restaurant industry.
Dunes Sagebrush Lizard
“By filing this motion, I am working to protect vital industries in the Permian Basin and ensure that the stakeholders have a place at the table in any negotiations,” said Combs.
TX Notes Reach Highest Ratings
TRANs are annual, one-year notes, which are sold to help fund school payments and manage cash flow between the start of a fiscal year and the arrival of tax revenue later in the year.

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