pancake festival

Lubbock Pancake Festival Goes Virtual in 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has forced many activities, fundraisers and annual events to go virtual since 2020, and that's continuing this year with the Lubbock Lions Club Pancake Festival.
The Lubbock Lions Club announced this past week that the 69th Annual Pancake Festival will be a virtual event…
It's Big Breakfast Time Again!
Jason Gloe on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the Lubbock Lions Club's annual event taking place this Saturday (February 18, 2017) at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.
Pancake Festival
The Lubbock Lions Club celebrated its 64th year of providing citizens with thousands of pancakes, sausages and bacon, all for a good cause.
Neugebauer Flips Pancakes
Congressman Randy Neugebauer lent a spatula at the Lubbock Lions Club's annual Pancake Festival Saturday morning (Feb. 21), flipping pancakes for thousands of hungry Lubbockites.

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