Starbucks introduced their 2015 seasonal red cups this past week and some people aren't happy. The cups don't mention the Christmas holiday or display much of anything winter related; just a basic red cup which holds between 12-20 ounces of coffee or tea.

News sites such as Breitbart posted stories going as far as labeling the move by the Seattle-based coffee company as part of the so-called 'War on Christmas.'

"Starbucks has become a place of sanctuary during the holidays," says Jeffrey Fields, Vice President of Design and Content at Starbucks. "We're embracing the simplicity and the quietness of it. It’s more open way to usher in the holiday."

I worked at Starbucks for a time and never once were we told as partners to not wish our patrons a holiday greeting. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, we greeted customers with a “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Merry Christmas,” and our shift leaders and managers didn’t care. Some even encouraged such actions on the holidays.

Even wishing patrons with a neutral “happy holidays” greeting in November and December is respectful because there are more holidays than just Christmas. We have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day in the United States, along with Remembrance Day and Boxing Day in the British Commonwealth.

While some people think Starbucks is actively trying to suppress Christmas and the baby Jesus out of their stores, they seem to ignore the Advent calendars they sell in their stores along with blends of coffee for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The most disturbing part of the outrage is that some Christians can have their faith so shaken by a coffee company not putting a Christmas greeting on a paper cup.

Somewhere in the world, a young child will be put to death because of their faith in Jesus, but we’re spending our time “faux-raging” about red paper cups at a coffee shop.

Lord, come quickly and save us from our “faux-rage.”