Paramount is looking to move full steam ahead on 'Star Trek 3,' and according to Spock himself, the film will begin shooting next year. That seems like a rather quick turnaround, but if the film wants to meet its own 2016 release deadline, they better get moving -- and fast. But will J.J. Abrams be back in the director's chair?

Last we heard, J.J. Abrams directing 'Star Trek 3' wasn't a done deal. The director's next big project is 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' and with that film tentatively scheduled to hit in 2015, Abrams has a lot on his plate, especially since that film hasn't even started shooting yet.

But during an interview at the Galway Film Festival in Scotland, Zachary Quinto seemed to be pretty confident about the next 'Star Trek' film. According to Lucien at BuzzHub, who attended the fest:

I attended a public interview with Zachary Quinto at the Galway Film Festival in Ireland on Friday, and during it, he revealed that Paramount have told the 'Star Trek' cast that they're planning to shoot 'ST3' in 2014, and that J.J. still wants to direct! He also told the audience he does not want to be in 'Episode VII,' but he would like to cameo in 'The Big Bang Theory'!

Quinto was quoted directly as saying:

'Star Trek 3' should be filming, I suppose, next year. It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet.

It is likely that 'Star Trek 3' will have to begin shooting next year in order to meet the 2016 release date, but note that the quote says "J.J. still wants to direct." Wants -- that's not the same as actually committing. Abrams said in his interview with Belfast Telegraph, "No matter what if there is a third film Bad Robot and I will be producing the film, so we’ll definitely be involved in it."

So it doesn't seem like a done deal that Abrams is returning, but they should probably sort out who's directing 'Star Trek 3' pretty soon if they intend to film next year.

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